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Automotive Maintenance

Qualified Automotive Mechanic City of Industry Hacienda HeightsMaintenance Costs Less – A little bit of maintenance can go a very long way with your vehicle. The simple things like changing your fluids at regular intervals, changing your oil at specified intervals and checking your tire pressure can save you considerable amounts of money. Having a tire just 5 psi under-inflated could cost an average up to $400 a year in wasted fuel.

The darn thing deserves a little TLC – Whether she is your daily driver, your grocery getter, your hot rod, your commuter, your baby, your hoopty or your precious, there is one thing she deserves: Regular Maintenance. Your car takes you from point a to point z and rarely complains. Without the regular maintenance needed, she will start making those complaints known.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership – As we mentioned before, repairs overall cost a great deal more than maintenance ever will. This is why we can’t stress the importance of proper regular mainteance enough. It is the key to ensuring a long-lasting, satisfying, stress-free relationship with your motor vehicle.

Better Resale/Tradein Values – No doubt about this one. Many people are willing to pay extra cash for a decent vehicle with all the maintenance and repair records, proof that the vehicle has been attended to in a proper fashion.

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