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Oil Change Service

Oil Dipstick in Hacienda Heights Vehicle by Performance AutomotivePerformance Automotive does so much more than change your oil and filter that we call it “Oil Change Service”. We believe that preventive maintenance is important and your oil service is the perfect opportunity to make sure your car is in the best condition possible.

Not all automotive oil changes are created equal

We all know that oil change services are vitally important to your vehicle.  When done routinely, it helps prevent one of the most expensive repairs on your vehicle.  But did you know some oil changes are better than others?

There are three main components to an oil change.  The oil used, the oil filter used and the technician doing the service.  The better premium oils do a better job of protecting your car for a longer period of time.  The better premium oil filters likewise do a better job of extracting the contaminates out of the oil so the oil can do its job better.  And, probably the most important component to a good oil change is the technician doing the work.

Our Automotive Technicians’ Touch

Frankly, anyone trained to replace an oil and oil filter can do it.  It doesn’t take much skill and its pretty quick to complete.  But having an eagle eye looking over your car with a complete inspection is very valuable.  An ASE Certified technician has the skill, experience and real-world know-how to catch small problems before they become a big problem for you.  Each time we perform an oil change service, our technicians look over your car completely to make sure there are no problems starting to occur.

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