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Transmission Repair & Replacement

Automatic Transmission Repair and Maintenance 47249320Rough shifting? No Shifting? This can be the making of a nightmare, but before you resort to darker thoughts of a transmission replacement or vehicle replacement, take a few moments to read further. It may not be as bad as you are dreaming it will be. Take a look at this list of common (but inexpensive) problems.

Common Automotive Transmission Problems

  • Transmission Fluid Leaks and/or Low Transmission Fluid Level: Your vehicle may have a leak of the Transmission Fluid. There are a few causes of this and the fix can often be easy on the wallet.
  • Vacuum Lines that have come out or loose: If this happens, usually your transmission won’t shift at all. Of course, a non-shifting transmission can scare you, but if this is the cause, the fix is an easy one.
  • Linkages and/or cables that have come loose or out of adjustment: These run from the transmission to the throttle body. If one comes out of adjustment, you may experience shifting issues such as no shifting, hard shifting or late shifting.
  • Bad Solenoid: The transmission contains shifting solenoids inside (and on some models, outside). The symptoms from this transmission problem cause a number of shifting problems like not shifting into specific gears. Most of the time, a bad solenoid will give problems with specific gears or sets of gears like 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
  • Your Car’s Computer problems: Today’s cars all have computers in them to help coordinate all the functions in the car. But the computers can develop problems and seem to cause you transmission problems. Symptoms from a computer problem range from no shifting to erratic shifting.
  • Sensor malfunctions: Each car has a multitude of sensors that help tell the transmission when to shift. Fixing this is easier and more affordable than a replacement.
  • Bad/Old Fluid: Sometimes a fluid flush and change will fix your transmission issues. We will very often do this to see if it solves the problem affordably. However, if we find that it doesn’t help, we remove the charges if we do a major transmission repair or rebuild. It’s often a smarter first step because it MAY fix the problem.

Hopefully this low-priced list helped to alleviate some of your transmission fears. When it comes to transmissions and engines, it really is much more time and cost-effective to tackle the problem right at the onset. The first time you hear that noise, feel the jerk of a rough gear-shift or the check engine light pops up on the dash, just bring it in! More often than not, those who wait will end up paying many times the amount of the small initial repair. Give us a call, fill out an appointment form or come on in to Performance Automotive of La Puente today!

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